Today, I still make a lot of mistakes. Many times I stumbled. I confessed. I seek healing. I cried. I prayed hard. I still get moved and struggle, but the desire towards following Jesus and seeking his righteousness is much stronger and deeper right now. See how wretched I am, we are, but God’s redemptive grace is always available.

Why do I write?

I realized that electronic communication can also be used as a platform to share my faith and testimony.

My heart is to positively influence people whether young or old, who find themselves in difficult times, through the transforming power that also changed me — the gospel. My deepest desire is for Jesus to be our go-to place when we face the turmoil of life.

Most of my writings are from my personal experiences and realizations, which I think people may relate on to.

I will be here to share the best news anyone could ever receive. Not because I am virtuous, but because I am not. God’s word is alive and able to cleanse a speck of dirt, restore a broken and transform life. May you and I never lose the childlike wonder in our pursuit of the Truth every day.

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