This page offers you a way to promote your blog. By sending me an email, you can introduce your blog to new readers. Every month, I will post guest blogs that I’ve enjoyed checking out.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Guest Posting?
Guest Posting is done by sharing your blog on someone else’s website. This is a brilliant way to get to know other bloggers and one of the great ways to increase your traffic (views on your website). Using guest post, you can connect to other bloggers, be inspired and improve your content and writing.

How can Guest Posting promote my blog?
When you write a guest post, you will be visible to all the readers of the blog (this website) hosting your article. This is also a great way to get new followers to your blog or website.

How can I become a Guest Blogger?
All you have to do to participate is to email me at ( with the following details:

• Your full name and username. (e.g. Kat Melocoton, katchrism)
• Website link. (e.g. Please make sure that your link is correct.
• The draft post that you would like to submit as Blog Post. (It must contain 500 words or more to qualify, but not too long. Maximum of 800 words per blog post) Please also take note that your draft will undergo proofreading to correct minimal grammar errors and paragraph format.
• A brief description about yourself or what your blog is all about. (maximum of 50 words)
• Your profile photo (for the author’s detail)

There are no restrictions in terms of the type of blog you can post, provided that it is your own work. I reserve the right not to post any Blog Post that contains inappropriate content or subject to content theft, which could be upsetting to my readers.

Please write clearly, check your draft for errors before sending. Please ensure that your link is correct (e.g. link to your website, emails, etc.,) otherwise, your Blog Post may be deleted. I hope participating in this free promotion will bless you and bring new visitors to your blog. Thank you and enjoy!



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