I Never Thought

Kat Melocoton | Photo from pixabay.com

I never thought since the day I saw you, I’ll love you this much.
I never thought ever since I met you, I’ll have silly pictures with you.
Clocks may run out of life but still, time runs.
I never thought.

I never thought you are the one whom will paint a smile on my face for no reason.
I never thought everything would be like this.
Heart may weaken but love is still the same.
I never thought.

I never thought every time I look at you, pain cripples my heart.
I never thought while I was missing you, you were thinking of her.
But leaving you never stopped me from loving you.
I never thought.

I never thought it would be you.
I never thought I would adore you.
Hoping one day, you’ll realize how much I cared.
I never thought.

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