Hansel and Gretel

Kat Melocoton | Photo made by me, basic digital arts made with artrage

Note: This is my own version of the story, Hansel and Gretel. This is based only on my imagination.

Once upon a time, in the heat of summer. In a lonesome house between woods and forest, there was a boy who lived together with his mother and sister. He was Hansel and his sister’s name was Gretel.

One night, their mother left their house. She asked Hansel and Gretel not to worry because she would arrive before midnight. The two kids waited for their mother’s return. The sunlight rose but she was not still at home.

Hansel decided to go outside with Gretel to find where their mother went. Without the guidance of their mother, they went in the middle of the forest. They played along the big trees and forgot the reason for going outside. Gretel hides to somewhere that was hard to find. Hansel looked for her, he found a cave but Gretel was still not in there. After a few hours of playing, the dark was clear, they decided to go home.

At their home, they saw their mother preparing for dinner. She placed the plates on the table and told her child to sit down. Hansel was confused and asked his mother, “Where is for Gretel?” But their mother said, “Hansel my child, stop asking meaningless things.”

After the night their mother arrived home, she acted cruelly that their mother would never do. The children understandably scared. Then, they started to doubt whether the woman was actually their mother.

One night, Gretel had a nightmare. The mother entered their room and transformed into a wicked old woman, with long claw-like fingernails. She woke up her little brother. Something they begin to realize, the woman who arrived at their home might not be their real mother, but a witch.

Hansel became furious. He went to the woman’s room and tied her. He asked where their real mother was, but the woman insisted that she was their mother. Hansel became aggressive. He whispered Gretel to burn the curtains in front of the woman. The woman begged to untie her. Hansel agreed if the woman could tell what Gretel was doing. The woman started to cry, she said she didn’t know. Hansel burned the curtain and said, “Our mother knows what we do!“. But the woman said, “Yes, I also know what Gretel does when she is alive.” The woman once again begged to untie her, now she agreed to prepare a plate for an empty chair. But their house started to burn down.

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