Empty Bowl

Kat Melocoton | Photo from huffingtonpost.ca

Today I saw a woman,
Her hair is a white fresh snow.
It flaps around with the same essence
Of the white light rays bouncing off the waves.

Wearing her old and dirty dress,
She uses to look at the crowd,
And sits beside an empty bowl,
An empty bowl of the nation.

She is a rat when she is hungry
That cries for a bread.
Seeking for a food,
On the dirty side of the city.

Her hope does not have a feather,
Nor wings that can help her fly.
Despite her situation, she stays as an ox,
Even her hope is as clear as mud.

Note: This is based only on my imagination, some are through books and movies I watched and read. If by chance it is a true story, I apologize.

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