Bringing the Painting

Kat Melocoton | Photo from

Looking through a telescope
The full moon, stars
Glowing above each house.
Maybe space is not that far

Someone calls me, asks to pack things
Only for the barest need.
No space for a memory,
We are going far from the world.

The empty void of outer space,
It is out of sight.
Maybe filled with danger
Space, very great in size.

One painting hanging on the wall,
In a room, full of dust.
Colors fade, looks old and dirty,
But must not leave behind.

Each color and shapes,
Lightness and darkness,
Though it was impaired, I hugged it.
This painting meant everything.

She grabbed it from my arms,
“No”, she said, “it cannot come.”
But she saw painting among the packs
The thing she ruled to leave behind.

Before we launch into outer space,
A star falls from the sky, it seeps through
Its veins swim inside its blood.
A sentiment or memory shall not be lost

Star becomes every part of the sky,
But it disappeared
When the sun is about to rise.
It doesn’t mean to stay

At last, our spaceship launched
It speeds up and we left
On the top, I see the earth.
I hugged the painting, very tight.

Note: This is based only on my imagination, some are through books and movies I watched and read.

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